Hey my lady lovebugs and flashy gents,

Today I would like to talk about how I began writing and maybe along the way you might gain some insight on your own journey in writing. When I was little I was a bit of a book worm on the shy side. When my parents separated while I was still young, I was devastated. I was hurt, but I kept that pain inside me. But I soon found happiness in the world of books. I remember exploring the world of Harry Potter series as a child and later as a teenager, exploring the world of the Wheel of Time series. But never in my wildest dream would I’ve ever thought I would be an author. I mean I would doodle and sketch in highschool, but writing wasn’t definitely not on my mind in highschool. It wasn’t until starting college when I came up with a crazy idea. At first I pushed it away from my mind, but that crazy idea wouldn’t leave me. So I began typing and typing until finally that crazy idea turned into a book. So my advice to you all is NEVER BRUSH OFF A IDEA NO MATTER HOW SMALL IT MAY SEEM BECAUSE ONE DAY YOU WILL LOOK BACK AND APPRECIATE YOU DIDN’T. STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF AND DON’T LOOK BACK AT THE NEGATIVITY.

P. S. Try smashwords.com as starting platform to publish your books. It’s not as big as amazon or barnes & noble, but its free to publish.


K. Lew